Getting skaters together is like trying to convince rollerbladers they don’t need wax, they just need to go faster. No one can ever agree on what spot to go to, someone wants to hit the ledge with the shitty run up, someone wants to go DIY, and someone wants to go to the pub. Once you’ve all begrudgingly agreed upon a destination, it’s guaranteed that something will happen on the way forcing a trip to the skate shop for a bearing, or the local for another 4 pack of Polish beer.

Being team manager for any group of skaters of any level, from your local shop to the biggest energy drink, is a job I don’t envy. Imagine being in charge of a group of stoned tourists that are more concerned with finding the closest watering hole or lady hole than filming tricks and signing autographs for an even bigger group of stoned apes. I tip my hat to all the TM’s of the world and want them to know we appreciate everything they have to deal with to get us endless content of videos, photos, and stories.

Skateboarder time is, to say the least, lax. If you’re unfortunate enough to be related to or have loved ones who skate, you know that date night, bar mitzvah, or even Christmas dinner will always be in jeopardy. When you make plans to meet a skateboarder at a specific time, you can never be certain if they will show up on time, or arrive at all. Once they’ve gotten into a session and are surrounded by their friends, it’s very hard to convince them to leave, the skate spot becomes a vortex and its pull is greater than any phone calls, texts, or smoke signals.

Although you can never be sure if and when we’ll show up, you can bet we’ll have a story of action and adventure to tell when we do.


Illustration: Gregory Conroy, http://www.seriousadult.bigcartel.com/

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