An interview with 5boro filmer Tombo Colabraro

To mark the occasion of ‘5BNY’ I spoke to Tombo Colabraro about filming the video.

guidos-624x624Mark Nardelli and Tombo at the 5BNY world premiere in New York. Photo: Ray Mate.

Were you tempted to put the video out on VHS to link in with the board graphics?

(Laughs) yeah. I was so hyped when I saw Brian Panebianco released Sabotage 4 on VHS. Hell of a video start to finish those boys killed it.

What was the filming process like?

We started filming for this video a couple months before we released ‘Join, or Die’ back in 2012. I was burnt out on filming so I thought that maybe if I tried a new camera it would spark my interest again. So I got a HD camera and went out there with the same approach and it worked. Also it helped that the people we were focusing on in this video were the younger guys (Jordan, Gonyon, Eduardo, Callender) all had never had video parts before (aside from Rob Gonyon who has had parts in Peter Sidlauskus’ Bronze Videos). It was dope to work on their first parts with them and see them grow on and off a skateboard over time.

The past 6 months Danny Falla and Jimmy McDonald have been killing it the hardest. They both were hurt for a while in the beginning of filming for this project so once the summer began I was pretty much done filming all the younger guys and had a ton of time to focus on them to wrap up the video.

Most of the days we would all just get up, grab a bacon egg and cheese from Graham Ave Meats (RIP) and push around and see what happened. Sure, sometimes we had specific tricks in mind but most of the time we’d just pick an area and let the day evolve organically. We had many days where we just skated and didn’t take the camera out of the bag… those are the best days.

How many of the 5 boroughs are represented in the new video?

All five. I’d say there is a fair amount of footage equally from each boro. As far as some boros being harder to skate than others I guess Staten Island is a little harder just because you gotta take the ferry out there, have a car or just be down to a long ass bus ride.

Will there be any footage from outside of NY?

Some. I’d say everyone has a couple tricks outside NYC whether it be in in Jersey, Boston or on a trip somewhere else. But the video is 99% NYC hence the name 5BNY.

Is it difficult filming a video in New York? There are so many productive crews in the city.

Filming in New York is awesome. There a countless crews these days killing it and putting out their own shit on the daily. Hard to keep track of everything at times but it’s awesome being able to sit my fat ass in front of my computer and watch something new every week.

Do you get kicked out of spots a lot in NYC? From what I’ve seen American police are tougher on skaters than in the UK.

It’s hit or miss just like any city. In NYC it’s usually not the cops kicking you out most of the time it’s a security guard or homeowner/etc. In the rare event a cop does kick you out usually they don’t give a fuck they are just doing it because they got a complaint. But yeah…That video is pretty fucked up… Man I wish a cop would do that to me so I could sue the fuck out of NYPD and get a fat settlement check. Get me a big house with a jacuzzi and a few chefs from Chipolte on the payroll… Stuff like this DOES happen but not every day.

How was Paris?

Paris might be the best city to skate in the world right now. There are too many spots you need to stay a few months to even scratch the surface. Last time we were there we rolled twenty deep from spot to spot and never got kicked out of anything. Big Shout to Le Luidgi, Lil Kev, and the rest of the Blobys.

Sabotage 4 is filmed largely in Love Park, and the upcoming Palace vid is meant to be filmed mostly in London. Do you think that site-specific films have a quality that you don’t get in big budget global films such as We Are Blood?

Yeah definitely. I think the best videos are the ones filmed with limited resources. Being more focused on what you capture as opposed how you capture it. I’d rather watch a crew go out with a camera and see what happens than a massive camera crew set up a dolly, jib and craft services for a kid to skate a handrail.

So what’s next after the video?

Got a few trips to warmer climates in the early stages of planning right now to break up the harsh NYC winter that is about to wreck our lives any day now. The crew and I have still been out filming since we put the finishing touches on 5BNY last week so we are already onto whatever is next for 5B…stay tuned.

5BORONYC_9_Akiko_Higuchi_Photo5boro crew. Photo: Akiko Higuchi.

UK premiere details for 5BNY coming soon!

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