Sammy Montano on Costa Rica, Doomsayers and ‘Drunkboat’


Where are you from, and who sponsors you?

I was born in California but moved to Costa Rica for 8 years for school. My sponsors are Doomsayers, SML Wheels, Cons flow, Poler Camp Gear and Alien Workshop.

How is it on the new incarnation of Alien? Were you a fan of the old Alien?

Hell yeah I’m a fan of old alien and new alien… new time, new generation things are looking good.

Tell me about the time you had to get surgery in Costa Rica?

Shit, pretty much fell down on this ramp skating and broke my shoulder they put two pins in my arm and after three months they let me go home. I stood on my board I did a 360 flip on flat, landed primo, fell back and messed up my shoulder again!! So I had to go in for another 3 months and wait for surgery! After that was done they let me go home and the same thing happened… did a trick on flat, landed primo, fell back and one of my pins literally came out of my arm. So I rushed back to hospital; they removed the pins and I went skating the next day with the homies.


What was it like being there for 6 months?

Man it was crazy, I was in the Juan Santa Maria hospital. I mean it’s awesome because it’s free health care but man so many people were messed up way worse than me. I pretty much saw four people die in front of me. I had a mixed experience but glad I made it out alive! Being there for 6 months was insane, I literally felt like I was in jail all I could do is smoke cigs and wait.

Did the experience change your view on life at all?

Oh yeah! Especially seeing people’s lives getting taking away. It makes me want to keep on going.

Did you ride for anyone in Costa Rica? What’s the scene like there?

Yeah I skated for this skate shop called Arenas Skate and Surf. It was dope because I got to skate their indoor skate park for free. I also have my skate crews SATAN DESTROYERS, Vagabond Project and Solowood crew!


How was it filming for Doomsayers?

It’s awesome man! Omar is like a brother to me. He honestly helped me out a lot so I was very stoked to be in the Doomsayers video. I was a fan before I was on so it was super cool.

Did you get to travel for it?

Yeah I went to Barcelona on a SML Wheels trip and got to film a few things there… awesome place can’t wait to go back!

I hear you are in a band too.

Haha yeah it’s called “Drunkboat”… pretty funny, our thing is to play when we are really drunk. It’s just for fun, my homie Mikey is our drummer and he has another band called “Young Creatures” so pretty much whenever he has free time we practice for Drunkboat!

What else are you into outside of skating?

Pretty much all I care about is art, skateboarding and music. These are the only things that interest me at the moment.

What kind of art?

Mainly doodles but I’ve worked on a few canvases. I like to draw a lot of Wallie pyramids and parking blocks haha but I draw a lot of random shit.


What do the words ‘bree’, ‘briskuit’, and ‘chall’ mean?

Haha ‘bree’ is bro, ‘briskuit’ means bro too and ‘chall’ means keeping it chill. I like using slang words a lot.

Have you got other people saying these words?

Oh yeah it’s tight! Haha

Do you have any plans for 2016?

Just keep it moving in a good way, progress more with my brees and fam, stay out of trouble and mainly just skate and keep on getting it.

Finally, what is your ideal session?

Just skating with my bros from Buena Park. Skating with James, Ronnie, D Gar, Austyn and the SML wheels fam is always a dream session too.

Interview by Daryl Mersom
Photos courtesy of Aaron Brown at SML Wheels

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