Richard Hart and the Push Periodical Partial World Tour

Richard Hart, along with Glen Fox, Taylor Nawrocki, and Zach Chamberlin came to Bristol earlier this year to seek out some crusty hill spots, and shoot some pictures. They then headed off to Budapest to meet up with Chris Jones, Aymeric Nocus, and the Rios Crew. Push Periodical 5 will document their sojourn in these two great cities. Number 4 is out now.

aPP4CJoneswallie1web-copy-XX Chris Jones, wallie, London (from his interview in PP4). Photo: Richard Hart

What made you decide to travel to Bristol and Budapest for the Push Partial World Tour?

Last time I was in England, I ended up in Bristol for a couple of days due to my brother in law and a harmonica festival. I met up with Wes from Rock Solid, as he has been distributing Push since day one. We spent a drunken evening seeing Wire, and at some point I said “we should do a UK Push trip with riders from various companies you distribute”. He was instantly down, and I mulled it over and talked to a few skaters about it over the next few months.

At the same time, I’d been talking to Bence from the Rios crew about maybe visiting Budapest. I met him and a bunch of the boys in Croatia last year at the Vladimir Skate Film Festival (an excellent event that I would encourage everyone to visit and support).

Anyway, sense prevailed and I combined the two trips- one week in Bristol and one in Budapest. For me, that meant one familiar town and one completely uncharted one. Bristol I know pretty well as I used to visit when I did stuff for Document magazine (alright Percy?). But that was a while ago; I used to skate with Wainwright and Flynn etc., and there’s probably been a couple of changing of the guards since then. So it was old city/ new crew/ new spots.

As for Budapest, apart from watching the Rios videos, I really didn’t know what to expect. Which is a nice feeling.

 How did you guys find Budapest and the spots there? Did Bence take you to the hills?

I suppose, if anything, I imagined Budapest to be a bit bleak and ex-Communist bloc; all prefab tower blocks and rugged skate spots.

In actual fact it is a beautiful city- lots of ornate old buildings beside the Danube, and, skate-wise, there are many new plazas. This was all quite a surprise.

As you venture further from the central (touristy) area of Pest, the spots get scarcer though. And then on the Buda side there are some crusty little morsels and hills. We like hills.

At this point I should say that what made Budapest special wasn’t the skate spots, or watching Glen amaze everyone; what made it was the Rios crew. These guys are straight up skate rats. They have the worst beat-up boards and shoes but all skate amazingly. No egos, no spoilt brats- real skaters.

And Bence was the best- a humble, creative person who makes things happen in his scene, regardless of how small or remote it may be. The Rios crew rules; it was an honour to roll with them.

When you set out to make Push was travel an important topic that you wanted to cover?

I suppose so, actually. At least, I always enjoyed the travel articles in skate mags. And skateboarding is such an amazing reason/ excuse to travel. You’ve just got to remember to spend at least one afternoon at the Szechenyi Thermal Baths (or whatever); you can’t be pushing around the streets all day every day. Not with my ancient knees, anyway.

I will add that you should be pushing around in the streets though. Exploring and experiencing is the point. I can’t believe the skate teams who travel halfway round the world to skate a generic plaza, then go to McDonalds, then go home again. What’s the point?

Yeah we are gifted with a unique perspective on the streets. Is street life, for want of a better phrase, something that you are interested in documenting?

It’s all I shoot I suppose. It’s not junkies or tranny hookers, but it’s street life nonetheless.

aPP4PRtaylbssmth1web-XX Taylor Nawrocki, back smith past the steps in Puerto Rico (from PP4). Photo: Richard Hart

You picked a varied bunch of skaters to come on the trip. How do you go about shooting someone like Glen, compared to the other guys?

Ha! Yes, Glen can be tricky to document photographically; his skating lends itself more to video. But he was my first choice for the trip nonetheless. He’s the best. As for the rest of the crew, that fluctuated a bit when I was planning this, mostly due to the fact that smaller brands usually don’t have lots of money to spare for their riders to travel, alas. But Taylor came through; he’s always down for a trip. And then Chris Jones and I talked about doing a trip when he was in SF earlier in the year. Unfortunately he couldn’t make it to Bristol, and he only really got to skate one day in Budapest before hurting himself. Which was a bummer. But it was rad having the Welshman along. And then a couple more people jumped on the Budapest section at the last minute- Connor Kammerer and Aymeric Nocus. It was fun having them come out. And then the other major component of the crew, of course, was my friend Zach Chamberlin. I was stoked having him along. Aside from being one of the best filmers I’ve ever seen, he has nothing but good vibes to bestow.

How do you pick the writers for Push?

Picking writers is tricky. With photos, you can check them out first and say yes or no; but if you are asking someone to write something especially, it’s a bit different. So I would say that I pick them carefully. I’m stoked on everything people have written so far, especially a new piece by my friend Dave Bevan, a skater from Nottingham who I met randomly on the street in SF. Find his zines of photos/writing/poetry- he’s a talented human.

I noticed when we were skating that you carried a notebook, is this where the handwriting motif that we see in Push comes from?

I always carry a notebook. I use it to write notes. Like these. The captions come later.

When you’re not taking photos and skating, what do you do? I heard you worked in a record shop?

Yep, records. That’s another big subject. Which I won’t get into now. The current playlist is mentioned in the Push credits each issue as ‘sanity greatly helped by’; only a slight exaggeration.

Will the photos and footage from this trip be going towards an issue of Push, or an edit?

That’s the plan. Push Periodical 4 should be out first, at the beginning of August 2016. That has a Puerto Rico trip with some of the Politic guys, an interview with Chris Jones, and an LA trip with the Northern Co team. Zach was also filming on that trip, so there should be an edit of that coming out at the same time as the mag. Stay tuned.

Then we’ll get to work on the edit of this Partial World Tour footage, which should be on the interweb when PP5 comes out with the article in it- Oct/Nov 2016. If all goes well, anyway; I’m always reluctant to plan too far ahead. But so far, so good. Thanks to anyone that has bought the magazine and helped make this trip possible.

Push-Bence The crew overlooking Budapest. Photo: Bence

Interview by Daryl Mersom . Give him a follow @daryl.mersom.
Photos courtesy of Bence, Ed, and Richard.

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