The Primitive X Get Lesta UK tour

SsHardflip Diego Najera, Switch Hardflip. Photo: Griff

The Primitive X Get Lesta collaboration tour went from London to Bristol, to Leicester, and finally to Milton Keynes. Our first push out from Stepney Green to the city would set the pace for the trip. Despite being jetlagged, Diego Najera skated every spot and non-spot we came across. From Stepney to Aldgate East he didn’t bail a trick – and ollied every obstacle on route. Charlie Munro also skated from the moment we got out the door, and got the first trick of the second day at a bench spot by our Airbnb. He was still filming lines at 3am after Primitive were kind enough to book us an Uber (remotely from the US), so that we could get back to East India ledges after dark.

Throughout the week the Primitive guys were filming for an edit, and releasing Insta clips and Snapchats out into the ether. But what follows are the Lil Boat and 25 press up minutiae of the trip, the odd details you rarely get the chance to see in edits.

Lil Boat

After our first dinner together we skated past a little concrete boat by Genesis cinema. Immediately, Devine Calloway and Trent McClung started shouting out “Lil Boat”. Hyped on the reference, Diego got a kickflip over the boat, a crook bonk, and an ollie over a waist high bollard in just a few minutes.

HJ_20160805_DX_2836-WEBDevine Calloway. Photo: Herman Jimenez

Shake your booty @ Southbank

We went to Southbank as Diego and Trent had never been. When we turned up we were greeted by a group of dancers filming the video to their “shake you booty” track. Although this was a little off putting, it did not take long for everyone to start filming tricks on the up block.

On the tube over it was sad to hear a lady describe Southbank as a “skate park.” But anyway, we had fun, and Southbank is still the best street spot out there.

25 press ups

Every so often Devine and Trent would get down and start doing press ups. At first I thought this might be a warm up routine. But no, after every edit worthy clip the entire crew must do 25 press ups. Diego got everyone pretty hench that week.

CharliePupeckiGrindCharlie Munro, Pupecki Grind. Photo: Griff

Lloyds security guard
The Bristol weather was, as expected, changeable. After an initially warm start at St Pauls, covered in sun cream and sporting shorts, the day turned damp and we sat out the drizzle beneath the tree at Little Lloyds. As the day wore on we decided we should get some food in town, then take some of the restaurant’s fabric place mats, and head to Lloyds to dry it out. Usually in summer there is some kind of event going on at Lloyds, meaning that the entire spot is surrounded by fences and security throughout the night. That day was no different, and we approached the fortified spot anxiously. Fortunately for us though, the security guard “used to skate” – whatever that means, and let us in. Later on he even offered round a joint – only in Bristol would a security guard be so down.

The West Country bump to bar
Bristol’s version of the bump to bar, the slope to shipping tie, was a spot the Primitive team liked the look of. So we went there after dark and some piss take tricks were reeled off (see below edit).


THE HIERARCHY OF FOOTAGE became evident very early on in the trip. Throwaway clips go on Snapchat, better lines go to Insta, and the cream of the crop is saved for the final edit. As an aside to this little observation, I was really hyped to see two young kids travel across London to Canada Water to meet Devine after reaching out to us on Snapchat. One had a broken arm, and had to ride a cruiser, but nevertheless came along for the session. We also got a lot of requests from kids wanting to meet P-Rod, which unfortunately, we couldn’t help with.

Written by Daryl Mersom . Give him a follow @daryl.mersom.
Photos courtesy of Griff and Primitive.

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