“Low quality, high definition”. Feast your eyes on the first instalment in our series of regular blog videos, featuring our friends from Bristol and anyone else who comes through. Definitley High 1 from The Green Zine on Vimeo....

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Drawing Sucks With Mike: Skating With Friends


A big part of skateboarding is about spending time with your friends, unless you’re Rodney Mullen of course. That guy skated car parks for years on his own. What an awesome tweaker. Anyway, get out there and socialise with your homies and do some stunts...

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Dean Lane Funday 2015


Nothing is meaner than The Deaner. That being said, everyone turned out and turned up for the 15th annual DLH Funday. The freshly poured quarters and concrete additions were embraced to the fullest extent, Dyl is The Deaner’s builder extraordinaire and we don’t know where...

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Drawing Sucks With Mike


I don’t feel I need a blurb with this one. The pic kind of sums up anything I would want to say. Mike x @thehighbrowcompany http://mikeoshea.org...

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Britain has yet to adopt the Euro as its currency, but we’re almost certain that will all change once Her Majesty sees this edit from €urobeings. We’re not sure where she stands on the HD versus SD feud, but we bet her corgis look great...

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Rock Solid EDit 3.0


If you had the chance to come through to the premiere after the Dean Lane Funday, than you probably can’t remember much of this anyway. Sit back and enjoy the tasty visuals from filmer Ed Wirgman and the motley crew of Bristolians, Brits, and even...

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Danny Wainwright Interview


We wanted to launch The Green by interviewing a man who has spent more time above the benches than sat down. He may not smoke weed anymore, but we quickly learned that he’s got no quarrels talking about his blazed daze. Although technical difficulties resulted...

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Drawing Sucks With Mike: Intro


My name is Mike O’Shea and I like skateboarding and drawing. I am an arty fellow but also lazy if left to my own devices, so I am going to be doing a regular blog of drawings and thoughts on skating and art, and all...

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Cardboard Case File #1: Alfresco


WITNESS STATEMENT The intro casts a mellow and low key atmosphere that is quickly shattered by the skating from these British delinquents. Shaun Currie’s kickflip up the bench and heelflip over the bin is implanted in my brain for life. It’s too good to be...

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