Working Life & WKND Skateboards with Johan Stuckey

Johan Stuckey, Crook, Photo: Brent O'Donnell.

Johan Stuckey has previously been described as ‘your favourite pros favourite flow bro’. Thankfully, it seems that this is starting to come to an end as he’s now an important part of the great and always amusing company that is WKND Skateboards. Despite a couple of rough set backs, both within skateboarding and...

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@kaygeezeee insta remix


Korahn’s instagram contains enough bangers for a part most people would be proud of, so we decided to salvage this wizadry and make a little remix. Soundtrack inspired by his recent interview with our man Farran. All hail Captain Ballbag!...

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Getting skaters together is like trying to convince rollerbladers they don’t need wax, they just need to go faster. No one can ever agree on what spot to go to, someone wants to hit the ledge with the shitty run up, someone wants to go...

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More Bristol blog footage for you in our second instalment of “Definitely High”. Click here if you would like to view it in full HD, as we are cheapskates and haven’t upgraded our Vimeo yet. If you’re not bothered…...

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Drawing Sucks With Mike: Skateboarding is art


I guess the moral of the story is to be true to yourself and all that stuff. Don’t be faking someone else’s steez. Get your own. This applies to skating as well as painting. I mean they are both just different types of art right?...

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20 Plus: Photography by Jody Morris


208 pages ­- hardback ­- Half Acre Publishing ­ 2014 When I heard that Jody Morris was releasing a book of his skate photography, visions of the Red Dragons immediately came to mind. His photos captured one of my favourite eras in skating, and this...

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Ballers at Big 3


When you’ve got a competition for £1,500 down a set of stairs kids jump down daily for free, you know you’re in for a treat. People from all over England came to participate in the carnage. Liverpool’s Andy “Evz” Evans arrived ready to take names...

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Cardboard Case File #2: Prism


WITNESS STATEMENT When you hear the word prism, you automatically think of the Pink Floyd cover. Maybe you don’t but I do. Anyway, The Killing Floor have taken their footage and shot it through one of those magical pyramids and what refracted its way out...

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My kid skateboards. What does yours do?


I received a submission from someone who doesn’t skate, but has watched the scene change from tall tees and shoes made of air bubbles to dad hats and soles that last a week, or less. My mother used to pack her car full of spotty...

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