Enjoi and Tiltmode – Who skates to this?


“Who skates to this?” is a skate nerds favourite question, the ever growing smirk on their face as you strain your ears and search the memory banks to figure out the answer knowing full well you’ll be penalised by the skatexperts for being wrong. The...

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Casper Brooker interview & Vase tour edit


There is a good chance you haven’t seen a great deal of footage from Casper Brooker since his 2012 appearance in Slam City Skates’ “City of Rats”. However, if you attended any of the premieres of Isle Skateboards’ “Vase” then you will no doubt be...

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An interview with 5boro filmer Tombo Colabraro


To mark the occasion of ‘5BNY’ I spoke to Tombo Colabraro about filming the video. Mark Nardelli and Tombo at the 5BNY world premiere in New York. Photo: Ray Mate. Were you tempted to put the video out on VHS to link in with the...

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TF at 1: Ten years of Quartersnacks book review


In the future when the internet falls out of fashion, like Betamax, Bebo, and Myspace, we angel headed hipsters will regret not printing out all our instant message trails with attractive girls. We will lament the loss of our Facebook pix documenting every Saturday night...

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Three of our favourite places featured in this one: Little Lloyds, Daveside and The Bank. Full HD version here....

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Drawing Sucks With Mike: Look Around You


Skaters that don’t give a shit about the general public. This has always been something that gets my knickers in a twist. When I used to live in Bristol I would waste my days trying to do spinny flippy things with my skateboard at College...

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An Interview about Vase with Jacob Harris


With full length skateboard videos becoming a rarer commodity, those that do surface are celebrated dearly. Combine that with an all-star cast, most of whom a key part of the never-forgotten Blueprint legacy, and you can start to understand the excitement and anticipation surrounding Isle Skateboards’...

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Cardboard Case File #3: Sabotage 4


WITNESS STATEMENT Sabotage 4 offers a documentary style take on Love Park and the vagrants that dwell there. The film is punctuated with scenes of graffiti writers tagging some pretty horrid spots and homeless people wrecking Philly. The pissed man drinking mouth wash really is...

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♃ – Owl Skateboards


“The owls are not what they seem.” Fans of Twin Peaks will love that reference. Skateboarders will love this video of Owl Skateboards powering through the crust that Bristol has to offer, going to spots we’ve all seen and doing tricks we’ve never thought about....

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