Connor Champion talks DGK and Quartersnacks


Who do you ride for? DGK, Nike SB, Bones Swiss, Spitfire, Mighty Healthy, Independent, Endless Grind, and Empty Handed Hardware. They hold me down. How long have you been on DGK? It’s only been a couple months, still very fresh. I’m hyped they’re down for...

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Revisiting ‘Spots’ – A 2016 Guide to Bristol


In Harry Bastard’s impressive ‘Spots’ guide (2001) he takes a rather cursory look at Bristol, providing a double page spread of black and white photos, and a double page spread of Bristol locals (London is dealt with over 12 pages, and features more local faces)....

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Chris Jones interview and Highbrow rehash edit


Portrait: James Griffiths The Isle video is now finished and has premiered all around the globe. How do you feel now it’s all done? Are you happy with your section and the video as a whole? Did you know you were getting the curtains? Yeah,...

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Campus Pool edit


I swear it has literally been raining for two months solid now! Big thanks to the boys at Campus for keeping a roof over our heads in these wet and dismal times… Featuring Gill Amos Fanpage, Cherry George, Posh Pete, Tom Kinman, The Angry American...

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Drawing Sucks With Mike: Old Dog


Its Saturday the 2nd of January. New Years has just been and gone and it also happens to be my 30th Birthday today. My mind feels young but my body feels old. Now I know there are some of you out there that will be...

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Richard ‘French’ Sayer talks art & Witchcraft Hardware


Where did your interest in art and illustration initially come from? I just really like drawing and always have. I don’t think it came from skateboarding but that definitely helped developed what I liked, as did listening to metal. Also, going to galleries and my...

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Nick Jensen on Isle Skateboards & Vase

Nick Jensen, photo by Jacob Harris.

The next in this series of Vase-based interviews is Nick Jensen. Due having not seen the video at the time the following conversation took place, I invited Jacob Harris along to not only fill in for any absent information on my part, but it seemed...

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Cardboard Case File #4: Vase


WITNESS STATEMENT From the very first moment the camera falls into the dark pit of the vase, the video is seeping with creativity. Jacob Harris and Nick Jensen take watching skate videos from a child’s after school affair into a full blown art experience. Tom...

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Discussing skate park design with Janne Saario

SCK07 (1)

As part of a project focusing on skateable architecture in Denmark I had the opportunity to interview Søren Enevoldsen. In the interview (posted on Fakiehillbomb, for those that are interested) he described the ‘poetic touch’ of fellow skater and architect Janne Saario. Intrigued by this...

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