Skate Jawn on zines, scenes, and DIY content


Skate Jawn editor Marcus Waldron, Crooked Grind. Photo: CJ Harker How did Skate Jawn begin? I always skated, loved skate mags, and thought it’d be cool to make one. I tried to make one in high school, but when I moved to Philly I ended...

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Bristol Section in ‘Conexiones’


Five years ago we started coming to Bristol to enjoy its hill bombs, homies and zoots. This is the product of our time spent chilling. Thanks to everyone who put up with our stinky feet on their couches. Gabison and tha lads x Homepage image:...

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Cardboard Case File #5: Conexiones


WITNESS STATEMENT The boys at Pillo Wheels released Conexions to demonstrate how fast their urethane is, my god Glen goes quick. Sections from the Jersey crew and an incredibly large roster of unique and talented skateboarders from all over the place reveal the inspiration for...

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Rock Solid EDit 4.0


Rock Solid’s new edit is here, featuring the Bristol crew and affiliates from across this isle we call home....

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Soy Panday interview and Magenta ‘Just Cruise’ part


I have been a fan of Magenta from day one, partly because I think that there is a continuity between the organic imagery of early Landscape (who Soy rode for, for some time) and Magenta’s art direction. Magenta advocate worldwide connections, between people and scenes....

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Drawing Sucks with Mike: The Tempster


I’ve wanted to talk about Mr Templeton since the beginning of these posts of mine. The first proper (double tailed) board I had was a Toy Machine Brian Anderson deck. It had a totem pole on it. Since then I’ve been a proper fanboy of...

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Pat Stiener interview and Static IV part


How are you involved with Traffic? Basically just make sure Ricky is happy. Come up with graphic ideas etc. with our artist, figure out what makes the cut and what doesn’t. Decide which line we’re going to go with, show it to the riders and...

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Who films the filmer?


I’m not the first person to bring up the plight of the filmer, an issue that deserves collective recognition. Hours are spent filming ‘that trick’, waiting for the make. During which time the skater will receive various props, congratulatory half warm beers, and a possible...

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“No wacky pros”: An interview with Taylor Nawrocki


Photo: Cameron Strand Who do you ride for? Politic, Labor Skateshop (NYC), Embassy Boardshop (Columbus, Ohio), Butter Goods, Nike SB, Theories Brand. You were In Puerto Rico recently, how was that? Working on the new Politic full length. The VX broke for a couple days...

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