The Vacation interview with Damon Vorce


Why did you decide to start The Vacation, and who is involved? Long story short, I really wanted to see a David Clark pro model and Jason was really interested in doing his own art and wanted some more freedom with his graphics. After lots...

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♃ 2.0 – Owl Skateboards


Owl Skateboards hit us up again with another offcuts edit and, as with the last, it features a healthy dose of Bristol street shralping. Full length dropping this summer! Feature image shot by Callum Painter....

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Talking The Killing Floor with John Vitale


The Killing Floor’s newest recruit Josh Anderson. Photo: Zachary Snellenburger Who rides for The Killing Floor? Lance Chapin, Mark Gutterman, Josh Anderson, Nate Guest, and Andrew Gray.. Where does the name come from? It’s from an old blues song that Howlin Wolf wrote. I actually...

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A postcard from Melbourne


Since Darwin left Bristol 7 months ago we’ve been blessed with a new skatepark, completion of the Mdirty2 mini and a banging city centre ledge in the pit that we get to share with the local crack head community. ‘Unfortunately’ for Darwin he’s been in...

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Koston’s Greatest Hits


In celebration of Eric Koston going pro for WKND skateboards, we have compiled (pretty much) every part The Frostman has ever put out in chronological order for your viewing pleasure. Sit back and enjoy! Next Generation (1992) – 0.00 Falling Down (1993) – 6.35 411...

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Canal interview and new LA edit


Left to right: Evan Borja, Johnny Ngan, Esteban Jefferson, Andrew Valencia, Cyril Palmer and Marcello Campanello. Shot by Chris Harris How are you involved with Canal? Johnny: So at the moment, I am managing the webstore and our wholesale accounts. Esteban and I collaborate on...

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Lurk NYC with Nick vonWerssowetz


To mark the release of the new Lurk NYC edit we sat down with Nick vonWerssowetz to discuss his filming process, editing, and Youtube versus the hard copy release of edits. Your most recent video went up on Youtube before it was released as a...

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Drawing Sucks With Mike: You Do You


There are no rules in skateboarding, well unless you count no mongo pushing and not holding your board by the trucks. Oh and no self-props or benihanas. And pretty much no freestyle unless your Rodney Mullen. Well I say fuck that shit. If you’re a...

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Session at the new Bearpit ledge with Leb, George, Barbs and Ben....

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Catching up with Devine Calloway


Google “Devine Calloway interview” and you get few results. Since his days at Chocolate and Etnies he has been off the radar, with bits of footage popping up here and there. So imagine our elation when it was announced that he was turning pro for...

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