Kevin Coakley on filming for the new Traffic video

What kind of spots have you been skating for the upcoming Traffic video? In your Make Friends part you skate some interesting Boston spots.

I’ve been skating spots similar to my Blueprint part I would say. Just trying to find spots that haven’t been skated before but also just mixing it up. It all depends, I’ve been trying to skate anything that’s not blown out. I feel like a lot of New York edits have been coming out and dudes are just filming at the same 10 spots over and over. It’s starting to make New York just look so boring now. I don’t think you’ll be seeing much of those spots in the Traffic video which will be refreshing.

Which cities have you been filming in?

Mainly New York but we’ve done a couple trips down to DC/Baltimore which have been productive.

Do you have a strategy for filming?

Not really a strategy but I guess sometimes there is a mental preparation before trying something. Like I said, it really just all depends on the trick. Every time is always different when filming a trick, it could come really easy or you could just battle for hours. I think that’s what makes it so rewarding when you get something that you’re psyched on because you never know how its going to be. It’s always a gamble.

Who have you been filming with?

Lately its been a mix of a few dudes. Been trying to get out with Josh as much as he can film. My friend CN who I used to film with way back in Boston. Also Recent Florida transplant Marshal Nicholson has been out on the scene a bit lately.

Have you been filming every day, or working it around other commitments?

I work for an Art Handling company during the week so I pretty much only get to film on the weekends.

Have you got an idea about what stuff the other guys have been filming?

Yeah Josh has showed me some bits and pieces so I have an idea. I think everyone pretty much has a good amount, we just have to keep plugging away. Maybe get on a couple more trips and we should be good.

Will there be any Ricky Oyola footage?

I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

How does filming with your current filmer compare with Magee?

[Laughs] Magee is one of a kind for sure. I don’t think you can compare anyone to Magee.

After you left Blueprint, were you on Think for a bit before you got on Traffic?

Yeah there was a quick in-between stage where I rode for Think. I was in a weird place and wasn’t really sure what I wanted at the time. I was living in SF for a little bit and figured it made sense at the time.

How did you end up on Traffic?

Pat (Stiener) called me and asked me to ride for Traffic. It was exactly what I needed. I was feeling pretty over skating for a while in SF and I needed something to get me sparked again. The idea of riding for an east coast brand with all my friends was perfect. Pretty much as soon as I decided I packed up everything and just moved straight to New York, and I’ve been here since.

On the Working Class Series of boards your graphic depicts aeroplanes. Does this have any relevance to you or your family?

Not really. All my family is on the east coast so the whole coast to coast thing I’m not really sure. I guess maybe because I was back and forth from SF and LA for a period.

Interview by Daryl Mersom . Give him a follow @daryl.mersom.
Photo courtesy of Josh Stewart

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