Grass Grinders Go Skate Day 2015

Skateboarders like to take the most direct path, which rarely translates to the path of least resistance. We didn’t want to put on your average Go Skateboarding Day spot to spot event, although we love causing a ruckus with everyone, we wanted something more personal. The idea for Grass Grinders spawned from the desire to watch our friends fall over and ruin a couple t shirts in the process. Thanks to everyone who helped out with prizes, ramps, burgers, announcing, and skating. We had a lot of fun putting this on and can’t wait for next year, we’ll start planning now.

Grass Grinders from The Green Zine on Vimeo.

crowd smaller

finbar smallerWho know’s what Finbar is trying here, but he looks great doing it.

frank smaller 2
Frank executing the quintessential fly out trick the benihana. Every Canadian sheds a tear of joy.

Big thanks to Habgood and Syd! Without these two we would have been even less organised than we were.


will smaller
Master contortionist Will Stradling, known by most as Keen Will, pulling his legs right into his chest for this Melon grab.

frankie bs 360 nose grab smaller
Frankie Darby decided to grab his nose instead of picking it for once. Back 360 Nose Grab.

edit-106 smallThe undisputed champion of the day Mungo Nose Grinding his way into Brandon Hill Folklore.

mungo 5050 landed smaller
Mungo goes full on Hot Wheels track with this jump ramp to ledge to hill bomb.

Barney and Barber are beautiful, believe me.


029_29We may not endorse longboarding at The Green, but we’re more than happy to watch you fall down a hill.

025_25The majority of people spent more time on their ass than on their feet. Just what we were hoping for.



Photography: Liam Furneaux ( and Ed Wirgman

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