Glen Fox on painting and Magenta graphics

After Glen Fox visited Bristol with Push Periodical, we had the opportunity to talk about working on graphics for Magenta, and leaving art at Bordeaux skate spots. We were hyped to be able to put this interview together with images of Glen’s work, and hope you get a kick out of them too.


How long have you been painting for, and what got you interested in it?

I’ve always been interested in drawing from a young age, it was the only thing I would do back then before skating. Then as I started secondary school they pushed us more to painting and fine arts. I continued in my own time, I remember I used to hate using a brush [laughs], but now its the main tool I use to paint with [laughs].

More recently on your Instagram you’ve been putting paintings outside on walls or near spots. How did this idea come about?

Yeah… I started putting up some paintings at spots or dope looking places in Bordeaux. I started this idea during an art course in Jersey, we were doing a self-promotion project, at first I thought it was a bit wack as I had no idea what to do. But when me and the crew were out skating, we would get on the cardboard drawing as I usually carry ink with me. Then I thought of the idea to post things up on the streets that day, and just documented them with photographs…. so this had pretty much sorted me out for the project [laughs], and I just got well into that idea!  Now I’m trying to do it in every city I visit. And the Insta makes it easier to document.

I did quite a few paintings in Bordeaux, normally when we had rainy days, I needed to keep myself busy on the days off work.

Are you into tagging or anything like that?

Back in the day I got on the tagging with the ‘pinto’ in Jersey but I haven’t been doing anything recently.



Do you get inspired by the other guys on Magenta who also make art?

Yes! The RU-SOY-BOY!!!

Soy’s work always keeps me hyped! Even though our work doesn’t look similar. His work reminds me that drawings/paintings can be really effective even when they are not so hectic, his magical fine lines are dope!!

What was it like doing a board for Magenta?

Yeah the board was fun man, I really didn’t have many ideas for the first one that I did, but I had the ‘mask’ painting on the go just before Soy emailed me about doing a board, so that worked pretty well! I like to keep new projects fresh! Try not to do to many of the same things. But yeah man well enjoyed it! I’m working on a new one at the moment actually.


Do you have a space to produce art in?

I normally try to make space for it where ever I am, but right now I don’t have a solid place to paint, when I visit my parents place in Jersey I use the attic, and back in Bordeaux I had a small table to work on in my room.

What do you need around you to work?

Yeah man I don’t need much to get in to it be honest, as long as I have some paint, something to paint on and some music then it’s all good! But it’d be cool to sort out proper space in the future for sure!

Do you plan to show your work at exhibitions this year?

Man I’d been hyped to do another exhibition this year!!! But I guess next year will be the best time to do it, as I’m moving to Amsterdam with my girlfriend in a few weeks, so we are on the final stages of sorting that out. But if anything comes up I’d be right on it! Actually just after I arrive I’m painting at a paint festival where I’ll be painting with some other artists, so it’ll be cool to get to know the crew there! See what’s up!


Interview by Daryl Mersom. Give him a follow @daryl.mersom.
Photos courtesy of Glen.

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