Britain has yet to adopt the Euro as its currency, but we’re almost certain that will all change once Her Majesty sees this edit from €urobeings. We’re not sure where she stands on the HD versus SD feud, but we bet her corgis look great on MiniDV.

Smoking blunts is not Matt Warder’s forte. Blunt slides, however, are second nature to him. Bailey Marklew filmed, edited and absolutely crushed the streets, all before he can legally buy a tinny from his local shop. We’re convinced Keen Will’s fear glands have been replaced by another set of balls. Once he gets the six pack out you know he’s getting gnarly.

Sit back and feast your eyes on the 12-minute spectacle below, then keep scrolling to check out a tasty gallery from chief €uro-lensman, Liam Furneaux.

€UROBEINGS from €urobeings on Vimeo.

10722156_10154718588325397_1313365707_o Keen Will has no hang ups about the potential hang up on this tenacious lipslide.

matt sequence 9 Taking the road less traveled at the most uncomfortable bus stop in the city, Matt Warder comes through with this frontside 180 frontside halfcab over the spikes.

10965200_10155265243240397_2043358382_oHis knees might have smelt like armpits after this, but at least he looks great. Bailey Marklew fifty up and over.

11028283_10155306224390397_1061421320_o Liam absolutely killed this photo, A+. Matt Warder ollie over handrail.

final edits-3small “Yo dawg we heard you like skating, so we put a board on yo car so you can skate while you drive.” Thanks to Xzibit for hooking this one up. Canada Sam four wheels and four tires down.

final 2small Matt’s teacher would always yell at him for not sitting in his seat properly. Some things never change. Boardslide.

10703173_10154662994930397_203086637_o If Will fell into the grass he’d most likely have lost his hat, luckily he landed it with all his belongings. Pop up smith grind.

10970351_10155249054235397_753466624_o Bailey understands the vibe of skating rocks and embraces their healing power. Ollie into the unmovable jagged beast.

Photography: Liam Furneaux, http://www.liamfurneaux.co.uk

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