Drawing Sucks With Mike: You Do You


There are no rules in skateboarding, well unless you count no mongo pushing and not holding your board by the trucks. Oh and no self-props or benihanas. And pretty much no freestyle unless your Rodney Mullen. Well I say fuck that shit. If you’re a punk and you want to do freestyle moves fuck it, go at it! But make sure you get pads for your inner thigh, I bet some of those freestyle moves wreak havoc on your soft spots. If anybody out there doesn’t like it give em the two fingers. Thats what you punks like doing right? I know Rowley does it and he is well punk rock. Skateboarding needs more weirdos. I mean Richie Jackson needs more friends to go skate with. He must be fed up of skating those tree stumps and waxed stairs on his own all the time. Who wouldn’t be?!

Anyway losers, until next time.

Mike xx


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