Drawing Sucks With Mike: Skateboarding is art

greenzine painting

I guess the moral of the story is to be true to yourself and all that stuff. Don’t be faking someone else’s steez. Get your own. This applies to skating as well as painting. I mean they are both just different types of art right? I mean that’s what Magenta want you to believe. We are all artists of the street right? Dancing around on our skateboards and exploring ourselves within the context of the space around us. I also like to think we are, but I’m afraid for the most part that’s probably not true. I have come in contact with a lot of skaters that just practise Kickflips on flat all day and play games of skate with their boring ass friends. That’s not really art is it. Anyway as you can probably tell not much thought goes into these posts. I just kind of rant for a bit because I feel I need some text to go along with the drawings I submit. Anything to get the kids to read right?

See you guys in the concrete jungle. I’ll be the guy with a paintbrush behind his ear and a canvas in his hand, carving and powersliding down the street on his Magenta board because I’m being true to myself. Are you?


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Yes Mike, I am true to myself. Especially when I am no-complying a cowpat whilst listening to Agnostic front and sporting an Anti-Hero cap at a positively anarchistic jaunt as confused villagers look on. Your drawlings make the skateboard scene more fun, an opinion which led me as far as purchasing a ‘zine off your internet. I hope it inspires me to do some fun paintings which don’t rip off yours too much, I don’t really skate much now because I’m over 30 but might do paintings of beer pints and broken toys in horse dump instead.


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