Drawing Sucks With Mike: Old Dog


Its Saturday the 2nd of January. New Years has just been and gone and it also happens to be my 30th Birthday today. My mind feels young but my body feels old. Now I know there are some of you out there that will be saying, “Hey Mike, 30 is not old you wait till your 40 then you will be really tired”. Well thanks guys, I can look forward to that in the future but right now my body does feel haggard. Thats probably because I don’t look after it as much as i should do. Skating has most definitely gotten harder over the past couple of years. That ledge I used to skate 5 years ago sure does look a bit too high for me now. That thing keeps growing every year.

I’m not here to moan, I actually have something positive to say (shock horror). I may not feel so comfortable Ollieing onto high ledges or jumping down stairs anymore but I can still enjoy skating and progressing just in different ways. A couple days after Christmas I was with some old friends from my hometown and we were out in the damp darkness trying to film some stuff for a scene video. First of all we went to this wooden bench that i did not like the look of. I didn’t even try to skate it. I felt old, fat and scared. But things did look up, after that we went to this bank to ledge spot which was pretty perfect apart from the really short run up. The ledge on top was higher than I am used to jumping on but with a lot of effort i managed to do 3 tricks on that bad boy which I am pretty proud of. I felt like I was in my element and I even felt younger, I’d say about 24/25. So i guess my point is as you get older you will lose tricks and skill level over time but you can also focus more on the tricks you are good at and progress with them. I may find it hard to 5050 a bench but I can Back Smith a bank to block with the best of them.

Also, If you feel shit. Watch the Tired videos. They will make you feel better.



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