Drawing Sucks With Mike: Look Around You

greenzine looking down

Skaters that don’t give a shit about the general public. This has always been something that gets my knickers in a twist. When I used to live in Bristol I would waste my days trying to do spinny flippy things with my skateboard at College Green. College green is a bit of ground in central Bristol that young people like to skateboard on and show off their moves. It also boasts a heavy flow of people walking to and from work and the like. Needless to say I have seen a lot of near collisions in my time. Now I understand that accidents happen but they would happen a lot less if certain skateboarders didn’t stare at their feet for 30 seconds to make sure they had the right foot placement for that sick Fakie Inward Heelflip they are planning to unleash onto the world. I guess my point is. Look where the fuck you are going and respect everyone around you. You see that old lady slowly walking towards you looking a bit sheepish? Maybe don’t try your trick in front of her just yet. Maybe wait till she has safely passed and if she so desires she might give you a little look back and a cheer if you land your sticking mob Double Flip. Who knows, she might even come back and give you a Werther’s Original for your efforts.

The fact is skateboarding is a pain in the arse and a nuisance for most of the general public. So try your best to be polite and considerate to others when out in the streets. If your really nice you might even change some peoples minds about skateboarders. Who knows you could even make a new best friend.

Thats all from me. Mike x


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