Drawing Sucks With Mike: Intro

greenzine pic copy

My name is Mike O’Shea and I like skateboarding and drawing. I am an arty fellow but also lazy if left to my own devices, so I am going to be doing a regular blog of drawings and thoughts on skating and art, and all that pointless crap that nobody over the age of 16 should care about because it’s worthless. I mean what did anyone over the age of 16 get from these activities? If you are reading this and you are an adult, shame on you. It’s time to leave your childhood behind and move on. There are plenty of other hobbies for you to be pursuing, like drinking and watching football or my personal favourite: sit on your fat arse all day eating junk food and watch your beer belly grow bigger and bigger until its not just your belly thats flabby but your whole body. Anyway enough blabbering on. Check back here for some drawings and thoughts on the state of skating as I see it.

Peace out love munches,

Mike xx


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