An interview with Diego Najera

Diego-4Fakie Tre. Photo: Herman Jimenez

How did you prepare for the final BATB9 against Micky Papa?

I didn’t do much preparation for the battle, just knew I would be ready for it!

Did the people cheering you help, or make you anxious?

During that moment everything going on was such a blur, the noise was cancelled out… all the loud chanting was tight! Make noise!!!

Have you hung out with Micky since the game?

I haven’t hung out with him since.

It felt like Berra gave some do-overs to keep the game going a little longer, for entertainment.

I could see that, but the do overs didn’t bother.

How did it feel to facetime the Primitive Canada tour after your Battle at the Berrics win?

Everything in that moment was so crazy!

Diego-1Frontside Flip. Photo: Herman Jimenez

The nollie tre down the Santa Monica triple set was great – did you have some trouble with police and pedestrians when trying to film it?

Thanks! And the first time I went to try it only had like 3 try’s, the cops were cool about it until my 4th run up I ran into this biker guy and we got kicked out, so I ended up waking up early the next morning and ended up getting it that day with no problems like before!

Did you land it twice?

Yes I did land it twice. Hyped on that!

How long have you been writing for, and what got you into it? Are there any writers you admire?

I’ve been writing for couple years now, my two homies Roots 842 REM and Doomz 842 WKT, they are family… being able to do all this traveling I’m doing with skating I get to write as well. That feeling of adrenalin and being able to get up everywhere. Leaving my name so others see I’ve been around everywhere.

Diego-35050. Photo: Herman Jimenez

Do you have your own board shape made by Primitive, and is the based on a shape you were riding for another brand before?

I do have my own shape, but barely got it when I got on Primitive…never from previous boards.

You ride for éS  footwear. How does it feel riding for an original skate shoe brand in a market that is becoming increasingly saturated by sports shoe brands?

Growing up éS was everything, best shoes and team when they first started so being able to be apart of it now I’m stoked!

Have you ever had offers from sports shoe brands? You must have got a lot of attention after BATB9.

I haven’t got any offers at all after the battle just lots of love!

Where were your favourite places we skated on the UK Get Lesta trip?

The bus station for me was super tight to skate for me, and even just skating around London!

What did you think of the UK skate scene? 

The U.K. Skate scene is tight I respect and appreciate everyone’s skating!

I honestly rather skate rough spots!

Interview by Daryl Mersom . Give him a follow @daryl.mersom.
Photos courtesy of 
Herman Jimenez.


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