Catching up with Devine Calloway

Google “Devine Calloway interview” and you get few results. Since his days at Chocolate and Etnies he has been off the radar, with bits of footage popping up here and there. So imagine our elation when it was announced that he was turning pro for Primitive. We caught up with Devine to discuss his new pro status, and got an insight into the real life events that must take precedence over riding the wooden dream machine. Here he is, as ever, elusive in an interview that left us intrigued and wanting more.

HJ_20151212_DSC1107_EDITPhoto: Herman Jimenez

We haven’t seen so much of you since you left Chocolate years ago, would you tell us what happened there, and what you’ve been up to?

Yeah I’ve been out of the scene for a while since Chocolate, I got a little boo boo haha. I dislocated my ankle and couldn’t walk for about a year then had a beautiful daughter!

You haven’t done so many interviews since then either, is there a reason for this?

Yeah I haven’t been doing many interviews or anything like that lately, I really needed to focus on getting healthy and focus more on my family.

Did you leave Etnies?

Naw I didn’t leave Etnies, my contract was up and I was hurt so we decided to part ways, no bad feelings.

Would you talk a little bit about your injury, and whether you lost any tricks?

My injury was a crazy one, I dislocated all the metatarsals in my foot and then put another bone out in the top of my ankle. Pretty wild, long story short I was off my foot for about seven months then took about four or five months to rehab. It was like starting all over again. I did lose a couple tricks but learned some new ones, just had to learn to work around things ya dig.

DEVIN_BSFLIP_BENCHBackside Kicklip. Photo: Herman Jimenez

What is the Clay Company?

Clay was just a little project me and my brother Everen Stallion and friend Josh Mair started for fun, just a little outlet for ideas. It’s on hiatus right now but who knows what the future holds, we will see.

You just turned pro at Primitive, a company with some incredible riders. How do you think people perceive Primitive?

Yeeeaaaahhh boi! Who would of thought it! It’s a blessing! I think Primitive is perceived as the cream of the crop right now, and will be for a while. They have some of the most talented and creative minds in the game right now!

Are you involved with Primitive apart from being a rider?

Naw mane, maybe one day. Skating and family take up most of my time, I couldn’t imagine making decisions for the brand.

In a 2005 interview you say that front 3 shuvs are a favourite trick, do you still enjoy them?

Haha yep not very good at flipping my board so shuvs are the next best thing.

devineNo problem getting that flick here. FS Flip at Lil Wayne’s TF in Miami. Photo: Herman Jimenez

You post a lot of footage on Instagram, is it curated, or do you have complete control over it?

Haha it’s a curation between me and homies most of the time. Ma man peaks (Brian Peacock) is a maniac with the I.G. edits, and all edits and filming period!

There was recent street footage of you with Brian Peacock, do you guys skate together a lot?

Yep that’s my brotha from anotha motha, we’ve been skating pretty much every day since he’s been in Cali.

What are your plans for the rest of 2016?

My plans for 2016… Get paid! [laughs], I’m just gonna try and film, skate as much as possible and enjoy time with my family and friends.

Interview by Daryl Mersom . Give him a follow @fakiehillbomb.
Photos courtesy of Primitive Skateboarding and Herman Jimenez.

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