Dean Lane Funday 2015

Nothing is meaner than The Deaner. That being said, everyone turned out and turned up for the 15th annual DLH Funday. The freshly poured quarters and concrete additions were embraced to the fullest extent, Dyl is The Deaner’s builder extraordinaire and we don’t know where we’d be without him.

The VX’s were out in full force to capture carnage of the highest level… Check out the edit and photo gallery below to see The Deaner get skated in all directions with no shortage of NBDs and smoke grenades.

Dean Lane Funday 2015 from The Green Zine on Vimeo.

_R3J1077-dlh-fundayFinbar grabs a bonk to fakie on the freshly laid coping.

_R3J1061-dlh-fundayRyan Price handled the new channel gap as if he’d been skating it all his life. Backside Nose Grab.

_R3J1057-dlh-fundaySyd gets a slice of the action with a Backside Early Grab.

_R3J1044-dlh-fundayDLH veteran Habgood with a Frontside Pivot and Rock’n’Roll Slide over the channel (below).



unnamedCanada Sam won’t comply.

finished 2-30smallEverybody’s favourite punk.

finished 2-28smallThe three strongest kids in the world vs everybody else.

finished 2-37smallEurobeing’s Matt Warder having a laugh!

RyanPrice_BackBoneless_ph_HarryMcCullochRyan Price gets very gnarly with a Backside Boneless.


DSCF1464-dlh-fundayShout out to Big Jeff! If you don’t know who we mean, read this.

DLH_ph_HarryMcCullochThe crowd gathers as Keen Will begins his one-man demo.

finished 2smallNever seen anyone so happy to be holding a smoke grenade.

will smaller sequenceShutdown.


Jason Lewer –
Liam Furneaux –
Gavin Swaffield – @swaffyboom1
Harry McCulloch – @harry_hmm

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