Danny Renaud on having first part in Politic’s ‘Division.’

Danny Renaud has the first section in Politic’s new film ‘Division.’ We caught up with him to discuss filming for his part, and skating since his injury.

You have the first part in the Politic video, did you feel that you had a little bit of pressure on you? 

There was no pressure coming at me from anywhere but myself , but yes, I’ve been told I have fist part in the video, which is good because I feel like skaters have short attention spans, and find it hard to sit still through an entire video.

Did your Static part lead you to being on Politic?

No I don’t believe Static 3 was what landed me on Politic, I was actually riding for Stereo back then. I was living in New York at the time and I went over to Jersey to visit Andrew Pettilo. I hadn’t seen him since my accident so it was good to go skate with him again. A few days later, I remember Andrew called me and asked me what I thought about riding for Politic. I told him I was down and he put me in touch with the owners, I met them for coffee in the city and the rest is history.

Did you get any flack for talking about Ipath shoes in that Tim O’connor podcast interview?

Not really, maybe just a couple funny comments on instagram or something. I mean don’t get me wrong, it was like a dream come true for me when I first got sponsored by Ipath. They had a really good thing going on with their team and I was just some kid and was lucky to be apart of it. In the podcast I was just comparing Ipath to other shoe companies that actually send product to riders, pay them consistently and use technology to make shoes good to skate in.

Where have you been filming, and what is an average day filming like?

I live in Miami so I mostly skate there. I go up to NYC a lot and every time I’m there I sneak a day trip in to Philly. I’ve also put a decent amount of miles on my car driving to ATL a couple of times, trying to film there and Texas too. Finding someone to film with is like herding cats, but when the situation is actually happening, it’s fucking rad. It makes me feel like a kid again so it’s all I want to do.

dannyskatepic1 Switch Crook 180. Photo: David Morico

What are the spots like in ATL and Texas?

Atlanta is big and rugged, there’s a grip of stuff to skate there.

I’ve been on many skate trips over the years there just because convenience wise- it’s one of the biggest cities that’s within reasonable driving distances from Florida.  Skaters from ATL are actually in jeopardy of having one of their more known spots torn down by the city, I believe there’s a petition people can sign to help save their beloved Black Blocks. So, Google it and sign it! [Editor’s note: they won!]

Texas is off the hook too, hands down one of my favourite parts about it, is that everyone hauls ass on the road. Houston, Dallas and Austin are the best towns, but it’s a bummer they’re so spaced apart. Pretty much I like these places because they have not been too blown out with skate coverage.

Has your approach to skateboarding changed since you were injured?

Well, it’s the same but different. When I was younger I was surrounded with other like-minded people that just wanted to skate and drink their asses off. So that just happened with no planning at all. These days I’m pretty much a lone wolf and my drinking days are far behind me, so it is kind of a mission to rustle up a crew to skate with. A lot of the times I’ll just go skate by myself.  Back then I was shaking hangovers and now I stretch and drink coffee. I’m just glad to be able to skate well enough to make myself happy. Cheers

Did drinking before skating used to help or hinder you?

Hinder? No doubt. I was stuck in a rut for so long that I’d had to have a few beers just to feel peppy enough to feel like jumping around on my board, it was sad. When you’re young, it’s understandable when kids drink and/or want to experiment with drugs, but once you’re on the wrong side of 25, it’s just not a good look in skating. Drinking hindered the fuck out my skateboarding, almost taking it from me too.

peelns1 Gap to Noseslide.

What has been the most enjoyable part to film so far in your career?

As a skater, I’m always trying to film stuff and there’s always videos coming out, once you have stockpiled a handful of clips, it gets harder because now you want to get the hard stuff or a specific trick for the end of your part, pretty much as soon as you know you’re filming for a certain thing it becomes gradually less enjoyable. So, I’d say that filming for the Ipath promo video was the most enjoyable, because I had no idea they were making it so all the stress of driving yourself crazy trying to track down footy and deciding what to leave in or what to leave out, was a non-issue. Dan Wolf just made that shit.

Interview by Daryl Mersom . Give him a follow @daryl.mersom.
Photos courtesy of David Morico and Danny

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