Cardboard Case File #5: Conexiones


The boys at Pillo Wheels released Conexions to demonstrate how fast their urethane is, my god Glen goes quick. Sections from the Jersey crew and an incredibly large roster of unique and talented skateboarders from all over the place reveal the inspiration for the title. Location based montages break up the sections well and make sure that every local scene gets more than enough time to showcase the friends these guys have made travelling. Gabison’s effortless style of living translates directly into his skating and his Frontside Wallie makes me want to smoke a zoot and contemplate life. Two of the most creative skateboarders I’ve had the pleasure of sitting on a couch stoned with, Ant & Jake, come through with a shared part seeping with fun. Ryan “Jersey Ryan” Cunningham’s style is as effortless as it is unfathomable, making the most technical flip tricks down the biggest stair sets look as easy as smoking a shotty. Luka Pinto hits everything in his way with technical ease, making tricks that are incredibly hard look ever so easy. Quicker than quick Glen Fox has the speediest control I’ve ever seen, his skating is like an F1 car on a trampoline. Glen’s the kind of guy that would beat you in a game of skate by doing one giant line and you wouldn’t even get a chance to set, plus you’d be very dizzy. This whole crew absolutely smashed it and made me very excited to go skate and find something out of the ordinary.

EVIDENCE [Notes by Luka Pinto]

  • Wallride Nollie at the white bench spot in Jersey. Photo: Karl Payne.
  • Dillon Catney Frontside Flips over the rail at Jerseys newest chilling grounds, “Millenium” park (Jersey built it 13 years late). Shot by our good homie Filip Rybinski from the roof of his house across the road from the spot.
  • Poncho’s ender, one of our favourite parts from the whole vid, Poncho is a power house!
  • Ryan Cunningham Kickflip down Lloyds 3. Shot by Tony Lui.
  • Gary Swan filming our young gun Eduardo Da Rocha on the First Tower hills in Jersey.
  • Jake Stoodley Nose manual through the little gap. Photo: Rich Smith.
  • Roberts Krūms being chased unknowingly by an off-duty police officer. Photo: Karl Payne.
  • Roberts Krūms Wallride. Photo: Karl Payne.
  • Waxing up the odd spot with a ledge and wallride on the beach, while the good homie Patryk hides behind the wall to shelter little Felix from the wind. Photo: Filip Rybinski.
  • Jeremy’s last trick in his part, shot by Rob Shaw.
  • Glen Ollieing into the bank over the skate stopper on the only famous Jersey spot where Chuck Dinkens threw down a layback with steeze back in 1992.
  • Filming Glen for the opening line of the Jersey section. Photo: Dillon Catney.
  • From left to right Glen Fox, myself, Rob Salmon, Gary Swan and Mark Kemp setting off on a London mission on the trip where we came over for the Eleventh Hour premiere.

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