Cardboard Case File #4: Vase


From the very first moment the camera falls into the dark pit of the vase, the video is seeping with creativity. Jacob Harris and Nick Jensen take watching skate videos from a child’s after school affair into a full blown art experience. Tom “The Professional” Knox makes even the worst brick ledges look like a fun spot, god knows how he makes them slide. There are too many amazing tricks throughout this part but the Half Cab over the blind bumps to Back Three down the seven stair made my brain tingle, utter madness. Nick Jensen’s Ollie up the double set Tailslide looks incredible but you know it’s crusty as all hell, British as a cup of tea. Switch Flip down Liverpool Street double set is insane, going back for it after that head smash proves he must have been concussed. Sylvain Tognelli loves to skate banks, out of 34 tricks in his part 25 involved gradient concrete. As always he keeps it original and reminds us why he fits so well on one of Her Majesty’s endorsed companies. Nose Bonk Big Spin over the top rail at South Bank is reason alone to keep that historic spot. The contractors building that home in San Francisco had no idea Jon Nguyen would be using it for one of the best 180 Switch Mannys yet. Special shoutout to Jon for bringing some actual sunshine to the always overcast British video scene. Casper Brooker 5-0’s a straight up wall in a shirt that said the videos name on it, that’s like Lennon wearing a Beatles shirt while playing a show. Lennon has nothing on the power and finesse that Casper exudes however, he single handedly almost demolished South Bank with his ender. Chris Jones last part is the perfect end. Chris has the ability and trick selection to shine through even on the polluted streets of London Town and I’m confident Jensen will be making a shelf catered personally to him very soon. This two song part is a climactic ending to one of England’s best moving pictures since Snatch. With a soundtrack you’ll be singing along to by the second viewing and some of the best skating on any side of the Pacific for a long time, this video is a must for everyone. The real question everyone wants the answer to is… where did that vase attached to a balloon end up, did it land on someone having an extra shit day?

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