Cardboard Case File #2: Prism


When you hear the word prism, you automatically think of the Pink Floyd cover. Maybe you don’t but I do. Anyway, The Killing Floor have taken their footage and shot it through one of those magical pyramids and what refracted its way out the other side is an optical masterpiece. I’m sure the joke is rinsed, but I can’t help that mention every one of Nate Guest’s parts will be a Guest part. Nate comes in heavy with his street skills and then shows us that he can power his way through some tall coping with unconventional tricks throughout. The front foot on the Nollie Heel for his ender is a heel of a catch. As soon as I heard that first scratch from KMD’s ‘Fuck Wit’Ya Head’ I knew I was going to love Andrew Gray’s second section spectacular. Andrew’s trick selection forced me to say ‘oh my goodness’ at multiple points while viewing. The Killing Floor’s friends are all either incredibly good, or editor in chief Andrew Gray wouldn’t let any of the shit ones have tricks. Mark Gutterman’s truck to truck frontside flip would’ve got him on Deca had they stood the test of time, I do prefer The Killing Floors art direction more. I wonder if Matt Barry brought some Windex to wipe off the window he scuffed with his wheels while performing a mental wall ride. Last part was certainly not reserved for least, Lance Chapin came through and closed the video out on a powerful and high note. From releasing this masterpiece and some of the best graphics I’ve seen in a long time, The Killing Floor are one to watch.


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