Cardboard Case File #1: Alfresco


The intro casts a mellow and low key atmosphere that is quickly shattered by the skating from these British delinquents. Shaun Currie’s kickflip up the bench and heelflip over the bin is implanted in my brain for life. It’s too good to be in the textbook, it would be on the cover. Luka Pinto is a one man demolition derby, his board just needs a number spray painted on the grip. Josh Arnott has to be one of our favourite UK skaters, but you don’t want to be sat behind him for a long car journey, your legs will hurt. Harry’s height dwarfs everything he skates and that’s hard to do since most of them are taller than dwarfs. Phil Parker’s ollie thread the needle through a rail and a hard place may be one of the “tightest” clips we’ve seen in a while. Danny Wainwright: see interview for funny anecdote. Although we were expecting another banger of a stair trick from one of our favourites Korahn Gayle, we were pleasantly surprised by a beautifully executed ledge trick. Mike Arnold is better than Jake Johnson, but that’s just like our opinion man.


Photography: Reece Leung,

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