Barney Page talks Sour Solution, Brexit, and Carpentry

It is not always easy to track down a nomadic skater like Barney Page for an interview, but fortunately for us he has been back in Exeter for a little while and was up for a quick chat over the phone. We discussed filming for Sour and Etnies, travelling, the EU referendum, and his plans to renovate a shipping container.

“We had met Barney on the road several times over the years and all of the guys were hyped when he wanted to join the team. The team as in Sweet at that time who then turned Sour a month later. It all happened fast, all of a sudden we are getting fired. But for Barney that didn´t matter at all, he didn´t even hesitate to get on Sour and try to do our own thing.

It´s actually pretty hard to keep track of him, all of a sudden he appears in Barcelona, helps build things at the office, lives in the loft with Nisse, drinks tea, beers, cooks English breakfasts, and skates. All of a sudden he packs his little bag with some shirts and disappears for a couple of months. If you want to know where he is you just look in some mag and there’s Barney, skating in his shorts somewhere in the middle of China, Armenia, Africa, or anywhere weird that you have probably never heard of before.” – Björn Holmenäs

Barney-2-TGZOllie. Photo: Alexander Olivera

In another interview you mentioned sleeping on friend’s floors a lot. Do you travel between friends places a lot?
Yeah I try to. It’s the best way to do it really. You get a better feel for the city.

Is there a city or country that you could see yourself settling in?
I always try to think about that, I don’t really know. Barcelona’s cool but I don’t know if it’s a place to live. It’s easy being in Barca, it’s a lot cheaper than other places.

Do you ever get a bit burnt out from constant travelling?
Yeah sometimes it’s just hectic but other times you can cope with it. But there are definitely times when you want your own space to do nothing in a room for like ten days. Just be a bit of a pile. I’m in Exeter right now to relax.

Do you record the stories from your travels in any way, perhaps by taking photos or writing?
I like to buy ornaments. I like to buy stuff that catches my eye, that I think looks cool or has something to do with the country. They’re boxed up in my parent’s loft.
I tried to take photographs but every time I went to get them developed they were just fucked so I just gave up [laughs].

You ride for a European company. Has the EU referendum been something you’ve thought a lot about?
Yeah it’s a weird one isn’t it? You don’t really know what’s going to happen. I mean it should be alright. I’m voting to stay in though.

For those that don’t know, what is Desert Crew?
It’s a crew of the lads that session, party, and have a good time. Everyone’s welcome.

You have a number of sponsors. Do you have to think about which sponsor gets what piece of footage when you are out filming?
Not really because mostly you’d be filming with one company or another. With Sour we pretty much based it as being in VX. And then others are in HD. I don’t know where everything ends up [laughs].

What was it like filming with the Sour guys?
Really fun as always. You just end up skating random stuff all the time. Just cruising around, finding weird shit to do.

Where did you travel for the Sour video?
We only had a few months for filming really, a couple of months for some people. But there was one trip to Sweden. And we did a Sweet trip to China, but all of my footage got used for a Sweet welcome thing, and then a week later everybody left the company.

Do you get to skate with the Sour team a lot?
I haven’t no, I’m missing them man. It’s been like five or six months.

What Sour boards are you into at the moment?
Whatever I can get my hands on really [laughs], as long as it’s 8.125 I’m happy.

Were you told about the Prince Harry Sour graphic before it was put out?
Yeah I was aware of it and I was stoked. I was super hyped on it, it’s a really good idea.

Did they ask for your approval before they made it?
Yeah, and then I asked for it on wood stain, I didn’t want it on paint, so I had a bit of input into it.

What do you like to do when you aren’t out skating?
I do loads of random things man. Back here at the moment we’ve been golfing, swimming, loads of random shit with bikes. Camping and shit. Depends on the weather as well doesn’t it?

I read that you studied carpentry for some time, is that something you are still interested in?
Yeah, over the last week or so I’ve been thinking about trying to convert some shipping containers into some sort of house. It’s a real cheap thing to do, and you can sell it on for quite a bit.

The problem is finding the land for it.
That’s it yeah but here my uncle has 56 acres so I was going to try and get a bit with him [laughs]. The plan is to find some unused farm land; hopefully he won’t have a problem with giving me a garden as well.

You can buy a container for just under two grand can’t you?
Yeah I’ve been looking and you can find cheaper. You can find forty foot ones for about twelve hundred.

You need some pretty serious equipment when you’re doing that kind of work.
Yeah my Dad has a building business so I can use all the tools. And the carpentry knowledge is good, it’s nice to know how to do that sort of stuff.

Do you have any plans for upcoming videos or trips?
Yeah there is an Etnies thirty year anniversary video. I’m trying to see if I can get a part together for that. I recently came back from the US trying to film with those guys. We were in California mainly but we did a little sneaky week long trip down to Las Vegas whilst I was there; there are some good spots.
There is also an Etnies trip at the start of July and it goes through Bristol, which is nice. It starts in London, and then Bristol, Manchester, and then we go over to Spain.

Interview by Daryl Mersom . Give him a follow @fakiehillbomb.
Photos courtesy of Alexander Olivera.

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