Ballers at Big 3

When you’ve got a competition for £1,500 down a set of stairs kids jump down daily for free, you know you’re in for a treat. People from all over England came to participate in the carnage. Liverpool’s Andy “Evz” Evans arrived ready to take names and scored himself first place and a cheque that wouldn’t even fit on the train. Everyone knows Korahn is good, but we couldn’t possibly have expected the slaughter he left on those three stairs, I guess when you skate somewhere everyday you get a bit used to it. Big ups everyone who entered, Fifty Fifty, and all the beer that was sacrificed to our God Lloyd.

big3 from The Green Zine on Vimeo.

ollie-lock-varial-flip Ollie Lock.

ryan-fs-flip Jersey´s number one stair jumper Ryan Cunningham came through and reminded everyone that joggers are perfect for any situation. Frontside flip for the females.

ryan-360-flip Ryans´ tre flip left Lloyd´s local Cosmo permanently gob smacked, and for good reason.

finished-colour-111 Hell in a Cell was just next door.

korahn-gayle-switch-heel Korahn Gayle was unstoppable. Switch Heel while Makepeace checks out his ass.

korahn-nocomply No one has ever done this before. I don´t think it will ever be done again. No-comply 180 by second place superstar Korahn.

andy-evans-switch-back-heel-(2) Evz Switch Back Heel, in shorts!?

dolphin-flip Banksy made some political statement about dolphins or something. He would have made more impact by hiring this guy here to do another Dolphin Flip in Weston. (Apologies to our man, we don´t know your name. Someone let us know and we´ll change it.)

korahn-gayle-switch-hardflipSwiss hard.

jordan-sharkey-kickflipJordan Sharkey.

finished-colour-169 Rich is rad, hi Rich.

finished-colour-175 Thanks to Syd for putting on another great event.




Photography: Liam Furneaux,

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