A postcard from Melbourne

Since Darwin left Bristol 7 months ago we’ve been blessed with a new skatepark, completion of the Mdirty2 mini and a banging city centre ledge in the pit that we get to share with the local crack head community. ‘Unfortunately’ for Darwin he’s been in Australia and had to watch the demolition of one of Melbourne’s most beloved and iconic skate spots, Lincoln square. If the news of Dodgy Dave having personal links to the panama papers wasn’t enough to upset him, the Lord Mayor of Melbourne Richard Doyle publicly went to war with skateboarders calling them ‘boneheads’,’ ratbags’ and ‘vandals’. This and a half dozen noise complaints apparently was reason enough to go ahead with a $450,00 demolition (‘vandalism’) of Lincoln. To add insult to injury he later went on to say he that he had never even been down to Lincoln to talk to the skaters and see for himself exactly what was going on. All coming from a man who sells Melbourne as a cultural hub! pffft. (Make sure you read Sandra Bloodworth’s article to understand the true outrage of Lincoln’s destruction)

Democracy ey? But it hasn’t been all doom and gloom, whilst we’ve been struggling through the shitty winter weather Darwin has been enjoying a non-stop summer. In the past couple months he’s been out skating and filming with some ‘sick cunts’ he’s met on his one man adventure. We’re proud to share this visual update of his time away from our little grey island…

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