Push Partial World Tour | The Rock Solid Angles


The Push Periodical boys came to Bristol as part of their Partial World Tour, here are Rock Solid’s angles from their time here, filmed by Ed Wirgman. Official trip edit by Zach Chamberlin can be found here – vimeo.com/189488912 Photos by Ed Wirgman...

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‘NEW_SPEAK’ Full Video


‘NEW_SPEAK’ is the most recent video offering from Bristol and Brighton-based OWL Skateboards, featuring full sections from Jim Silver, Al Hodgson and James Griffiths, as well as footage from a plethora of other heads from the two scenes. The video’s strong appreciation of the VX1000,...

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Rock Solid EDit 6.0


Featuring: Sam Bunton, Callum Painter, Ben Rowley, Bear Myles, Ali Rabnif, Gill Amos and Barber. Filmed and edited by Ed Wirgman....

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We sent BLK into the field with a GoPro. Here is his first 1 minute scene report… Featuring: Carl Vance, Wesley Morgan, Karim Kamil, Joe Hill and Renos Kakoyiannis....

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Rock Solid EDit 5.0


Featuring: Al Hodgson, Theo Newton, George Hill, Ali Rabnif, Sam Bunton, Toby Gozzett, Joe Paget, Ben Rowley, Jimmy Sliver, Keen Will, Tom Gibbs, Griff and Charlie Munro. Filmed and edited by Ed Wirgman Charlie Munro, Switch FS Shuv. Photo: Griff Toby Gozzett, Wallie Crooks. Photo:...

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Kevin Coakley on filming for the new Traffic video


What kind of spots have you been skating for the upcoming Traffic video? In your Make Friends part you skate some interesting Boston spots. I’ve been skating spots similar to my Blueprint part I would say. Just trying to find spots that haven’t been skated...

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Review of Jenkem Vol.1


Michigan’s #1 Ramp Tramp. Photo: Jenkem Print is dead, long live print! Over the last few years it has been generally accepted that print is dead, and that online content is what the punters want, or at least it is what they are willing to...

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An interview with Diego Najera


Fakie Tre. Photo: Herman Jimenez How did you prepare for the final BATB9 against Micky Papa? I didn’t do much preparation for the battle, just knew I would be ready for it! Did the people cheering you help, or make you anxious? During that moment...

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Richard Hart and the Push Periodical Partial World Tour


Richard Hart, along with Glen Fox, Taylor Nawrocki, and Zach Chamberlin came to Bristol earlier this year to seek out some crusty hill spots, and shoot some pictures. They then headed off to Budapest to meet up with Chris Jones, Aymeric Nocus, and the Rios...

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