Review of Jenkem Vol.1


Michigan’s #1 Ramp Tramp. Photo: Jenkem Print is dead, long live print! Over the last few years it has been generally accepted that print is dead, and that online content is what the punters want, or at least it is what they are willing to...

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An interview with Diego Najera


Fakie Tre. Photo: Herman Jimenez How did you prepare for the final BATB9 against Micky Papa? I didn’t do much preparation for the battle, just knew I would be ready for it! Did the people cheering you help, or make you anxious? During that moment...

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Richard Hart and the Push Periodical Partial World Tour


Richard Hart, along with Glen Fox, Taylor Nawrocki, and Zach Chamberlin came to Bristol earlier this year to seek out some crusty hill spots, and shoot some pictures. They then headed off to Budapest to meet up with Chris Jones, Aymeric Nocus, and the Rios...

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The Primitive X Get Lesta UK tour


Diego Najera, Switch Hardflip. Photo: Griff The Primitive X Get Lesta collaboration tour went from London to Bristol, to Leicester, and finally to Milton Keynes. Our first push out from Stepney Green to the city would set the pace for the trip. Despite being jetlagged,...

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Glen Fox on painting and Magenta graphics


After Glen Fox visited Bristol with Push Periodical, we had the opportunity to talk about working on graphics for Magenta, and leaving art at Bordeaux skate spots. We were hyped to be able to put this interview together with images of Glen’s work, and hope you get a...

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Colin Read’s Spirit Quest


The trailer for Spirit Quest contains an animal motif. Do you remember what first triggered the animal connections? I honestly don’t remember how it started. I guess just in my head, just me being obsessed with match cuts and animals. But it resulted in me watching...

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An interview with Rios Crew filmer Bálint Bence


For three weeks in May I went to visit the Rios Crew. They were kind enough to show me Budapest from their perspective, and took me to great hills, bars, and countryside spots. I took photographs during my trip, and made an interview from my conversations...

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♃ 3.0


The last offcuts edit from Owl Skateboards before they premiere their new full length video ‘New Speak’ in Bristol this Friday. For more details, visit the event page here....

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Discussing Becky Factory with Sam Salganik


Reading an interview on a new board brand is little bit like meeting an old friend down the skatepark, but after they’ve found their true spirit animal. This new loafer wearing, white vested chap once skated D3’s and mesh caps down Yate skatepark. Likewise, when...

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